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I want to help the cats with:

You can help Happy Cat Sanctuary by shopping online!


Step 1 - Click

Before you start shopping online, click here:


Step 2 - Search

Click the yellow "Shop Now" button at the bottom of the page, and search for your favorite online stores.


Step 3 - Shop

Find your store and do your shopping. Happy Cat, Inc. will get a percentage of your purchase, at no additional cost to you!


Step 4 - Share

Share this link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and ask them to click it before they shop!

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AdoptAShelter Program

Donations That Make a Difference

$10 provides vaccinations for three cats.

$25 provides a warm shelter for a rescued cat.

$50 helps us trap, neuter, and return one cat.

$100 provides medical attention to a litter of abandoned kittens.

$500 feeds all the cats in our sanctuary for one week.

$1,000 provides emergency surgery for several abused and injured cats.


HELP SAVE Happy Cat Sanctuary 


Happy Cat Sanctuary is home to 200 cats that were rescued from abuse, neglect and without the sanctuary would not have a second chance at  life. Our  sanctuary needs to raise $100,000 to secure the sanctuary's land .  Without your help these cats will NO LONGER live in this "cat heaven" !

Click on the link on the upper left side of this page to make a Donation.

Every Dollar goes to SAVING THE SANCTUARY

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